The 59th National Sports Championship - Karate-do Competition

During October 24th-26th 2004, the 59th National Sports Championship was held at the Kaminsato-machi Gymnasium, Saitama prefecture.
In the Individual Kumite +80 kg category, Kiyohiko Tosa, 27 and instructor at the So-Honbu Dojo, accomplished yet another great achievement by winning the 2nd place now for the third time.

12.DECEMBER.2004 (Sunday)
The 32nd All Japan Karate-do Championship (at Nippon Budokan)

In Individual Kumite, instructor Kiyohiko Tosa achieved 3rd place.

16.DECEMBER.2004 (Thursday)-30.DECEMBER.2004(Thursday)
Grand Master Kunihiko Tosa 9th dan (8th dan authorized by the Japan Karate-do Federation) was invited to the first Genseiryu Karate-do seminar held in India for a total period of 15 days.

Before noon, the seminar was prohibited Yudansha participants. The seminar for all members (including children) was held during the afternoon at six different locations (dojos). An examination was also held during this seminar. Indian Genseiryu is based mainly in Mumbai, Maharashtra State with more than 1000 students headed by the representative Mr. Sandeep M. Gade.